This program is made up of a network of long time sober individuals who foster the dogs of those that need to go and take care of business (recover from drugs/alcohol).  

There are many people who deprive themselves the opportunity to go away and get well because they can't leave their dog or they don't want to give the dog up.

Reach and Fetch Rescue works with various drug and alcohol rehab/recovery centers in helping those in need of help the chance to go get well while knowing that their dog is being cared for by a long term recovered alcoholic/addict.  The hope is that a special relationship will happen not only between the dog and the foster, but possibly the foster and the addict (sponsorship type relationship).

​If you, or someone you know has a need to go away to get well, but won't because they can't imagine leaving their dog or giving it up, please call us (609-992-8637) to learn more about this wonderful program.  And if you are looking to reach out and give back by fostering a pup, please call us or click below to send us a message!  

Our Foster For Recovery Program