We will strive to give to our community, dedicating one Saturday a month, where all we do is spay/neuter for low cost (free if we have the funds) with multiple vets on site helping us to make a difference.  We need veterinarians to cooperate on a regular to pull this off.  We won't ask them to do it for free...but we ask that they give us a be a part of something great.


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Stay tuned for our event calendar and list of veterinarians that will be helping us out!!!! They are coming from

ALL OVER!!!!  

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Our Spay / Neuter Program

Reach and Fetch Rescue knows that prevention is the solution when it comes to overpopulation. Some areas are worse than others, but regardless innocent lives are born into suffering and most likely euthanasia.  Let's get smart about this.  Puppy mills producing ample supply, shelters are full, and for some reason there are still many pet owners who just can't seem to connect the dots.